Hometown Tuesday ~ Parrotsville, Cocke County, Tennessee

hometown tuesdayParrottsville, Tennessee is the second oldest town in the State. Located in the South Eastern section bordering on the State of North Carolina it rests in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains. This area has very fertile soil in which corn and wheat grew abundantly. There was no shortage of wildlife, lakes, rivers, timber, and gorgeous scenery.

The town was officially founded in 1769 and it was eventually named for John Parrott HSRevolutionary War Patriot John Parrott. He and his family settled in the town in 1781 shortly after marrying his second wife. He had 3 children from his first marriage and he and his new wife went on to have 5 more. The last one born on December 28, 1799, was Catherine Parrott, my 2x Great Grandmother. Her father died the next year.

Parrotsville TN sceneryCatherine’s mother never remarried so her two older sisters helped to raise her. Four of her five older brothers took care of the farm. Life wasn’t easy but they were able to apply for and receive the pension that was due to their father for his service.

In 1825 she married George Hershel Hughes. George had been born and raised in Catherine Parrott HSVirginia but he had enlisted in the Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry during the War of 1812 and served in the area of Parrottsville. After George’s wife died he moved his family there. He and Catherine had 4 children in 4 years. They then packed up their family and moved to Benton County, Missouri. They had 2 more children there. After her husband died, she went to live with her daughter, Harriett Williams, in Wheatland, Hickory County, Missouri, where she died on 23 Oct 1864. Catherine was buried in the Williams Bend Cemetery.



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