Thursday at the Cemetery ~ Ennis Cemetery ~ Richpond, Warren County, Kentucky

This week I am featuring this small cemetery located in the Southwest County of Warren in Kentucky. At one time it had over one hundred graves in it. The land around it was sold and it was soon forgotten. Eventually the land that the cemetery was on was sold to one of the surrounding farms. In the early 1950s a family member made a visit to the cemetery and was shocked by what they saw. The grounds were overrun with tall grass and bushes, making it impossible to find the graves. They took a photo of the small building that was used as an office and then they found a few headstones that had been pulled out of the ground and put in a small pile on the side of the building. The stones were so worn that the names could not be read.

A few years later the family returned, and they were devastated to see that the office, the stones and what may have been the graves had been bulldozed and pushed into the nearby pond. I had two known ancestors buried in this cemetery.

Office building with pond near it

Worn Headstones

George Ennis is my 5th Great Uncle, and he was born in 1770, in Amherst County, Virginia. He was the second of five children born to John Ennis Jr (1735-1824) and Mary Ann Whitlock (1740-1827). On December 24, 1796, he married Mary Frances Campbell in Amherst County. They had seven children, 4 sons, and 3 daughters. Around the year 1800, he moved his family which included his parents and a few of his siblings to Richpond, Warren County, Kentucky. Here they settled in and bought some land and began farming. Their first two children were born in Virginia, and the last five here in Richpond. Mary Frances died on September 16, 1823, and was buried in this cemetery. On April 21, 1824, he married Matilda Allcock (1796-1858) who was Mary Frances’ first cousin. They had two sons. George died on June 15. 1835, at the age of 65.

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