Multiple ~ 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks #28

MultipleThis week’s prompt got me to thinking about what would I consider to be a multiple. At first, I thought of twins that run in my family, but I have already written about most of them. Then I thought about a number of ancestors that died in the same years. There were many multiples of them also. Eureka! It finally hit me, and here is my interpretation for multiple.

I have found several lines where I descend from two siblings. Here are 4 examples of that.


First Jonathan Brewster (1593-1661) from the Mayflower, is my 9th great-grandfather. I descend from 2 of is daughters making them both my 8th great-grandmothers.

Grace Brewster (1639-1684) married Captain Daniel Wetherell

Hannah Brewster (1641-1711) married Samuel Starr

So how does this make me a descendant of these multiple sisters?

Grace and Daniel had a daughter, Mary Wetherell who married George Dennison

Mary and George had a son named Daniel Dennison who married Rachel Starr

Hannah and Samuel had a son named Thomas Starr who married Mercy Morgan

Thomas and Mercy had a daughter named Rachel Starr who married Daniel Dennison


Second is my 4th great-grandfather Colby Rucker (1760-1781) I also descend from 2 of his daughters making them both my 3rd great-grandmothers.ConfusedEmoji

Sarah “Sally” Rucker (1791-1850) married Thomas Hayes (1780-1849)

Elizabeth Rucker (1787-1855) married John Coffey (1776-1845)

Here is where it gets complicated. Thomas is the son of George Hayes (1760-1839) who is the son of Thomas Hayes (1740-1829) who is the son of George Hayes (1714-1747). This George had a daughter named Molly “Polly” Hayes (1742-1829). She and Thomas (1740-1829) are siblings. Molly married Benjamin Coffey (1747-1834) and they had John Coffey (1776-1845).

So Thomas Hayes’ great-aunt is the mother of his brother-in-law!


Third is my 9th great-grandfather John Dodson (1571-1652) I descend from 2 of his sons.

Jesse Dodson (1623-1716) married Judith Hagger (1615-1655)

Benjamin Dodson (1624-1652) married Anne Simms (1624-1715)

Jesse and Judith had a son named Charles Dodson (1649-1716)

Benjamin and Anne had a daughter named Anne Dodson (1651-1715)

Charles and Anne got married making them first cousins and becoming my 7th great-grandparents.


Fourth, is my 7th great-grandfather William Bond (1674-1713) married Dorothy Dayne (1677-1720) wait for it….his brother Isaac Bond (1676-1719)  married Anna Holmes (1676-1715) is my 7th great-uncle.


cousin1William’s son William Bond (1701-1779) married the daughter of his Uncle Isaac, Clara Bond (1709-1789) making them both my 6th great-grandparents and my cousins.


I hope you are not as confused as I was several years ago when I discovered these multiple connections. I have actually found a few more but I have a headache just listing these!


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Two Sisters, Two Grandmas ~ Freaky Fridays #3

Mayflower-III am not sure this is an unusual occurrence or not but to me, it seemed pretty strange. That may be because it had me confused for a while. My 9th Great Grandfather Jonathan Brewster came over from England on The Fortune the year after his parents and his 2 younger brothers came over on theMayflower in 1620. He was 28 years old at the time. He got married to Lucretia Oldham 2 years later and immediately started having children. They had 3 sons and 5 daughters. This is where my confusion started.

I had been working on another genealogy site to find some missing information on my 8th Great Grandfather Samuel Starr when I found a document that mentioned the name of Grace Brewster. I figured this document belonged to Samuel since his wife’s maiden name was Brewster, so I saved it. As I continued searching, I found a few more references to Grace so those were saved also. Then I discovered a U.S. New England Marriages prior to 1700 hint that gave the name Hannah as his wife! At this point, I started second-guessing myself. Was Hannah his wife and not Grace? Was he married more than once? By this time I was confused.

I sat and thought for a couple of minutes and decided to go to Jonathan’s page in my Ancestry tree. Scrolling down the list of children there was my answer…..Grace and Hannah were sisters! Hannah was Samuel’s wife. Grace had married Daniel Wetherell. But wait, I thought that Grace was my 8th Great Grandmother. Come to discover both Grace and Hannah are my 8th Greats as I descend from Grace and Daniel’s line also! I spent some time combing through both of their pages correcting misplaced documents.

I understand that this happened because there weren’t too many people who survived the first winter at Plymouth and this wasn’t strange for those days. For a genealogist 400 years later, it can cause a little confusion and embarrassment. Shouldn’t I have known better?


I am a professional genealogist, writer, photographer, wife, mother, and grandma. I have two books available on Your Family History: Doing It Right the First Time and Planning Your Genealogy Research Trip. You can also connect with me via Facebook or Twitter.

Famous or Infamous?

TreeAs I was looking over my paternal and maternal trees, I remember thinking that I must be doing something wrong. It seems that I kept finding more and more “Famous” people and I am sure that couldn’t be correct. There seemed to be too many of them, especially coming from such common people. I realized that I should ask other Genealogists about this. I contacted three of my Ancestry friends and two of them stated they had only found one person that was well known in all of their trees. Another friend hadn’t found any. At this point, I thought maybe I should start all over again. I must have made a mistake of some kind. I decided to sleep on it before I did anything that drastic. When I awoke the next day I was determined to search my trees to see if I could find anything unusual in them.

I spent the next few days carefully tracing each famous person back as far as I could. I wrote down the dates and places and this is where my revelation became clear. Each of these persons was directly descended from an Ancestor who came to the New World between 1607 and 1655. This would make my immigrant ancestors my 8th or 9th Great Grandparents.

I then did some research and verified that in 1607 there was only one established town, Jamestown, in map of the colonieswhat is now Virginia. By 1620 Plymouth Mass. was founded. As more people arrived they began to spread out along the eastern coastline. By 1630 there was a whopping 4,646 people living here. By 1650 there were 26,634 inhabitants. That is equal to the population in Kingman AZ or Spring Valley NY. This meant there weren’t a lot of people to choose from if you wanted to get married. As our country grew more people came and intermarried with those who were already here.

Because of the limited amount of people living here, and taking into consideration all of the Historic events that took place I discovered that yes, it is possible to have more than a couple of “Famous” persons in my trees!

Do you have any “Famous” or “Infamous” Ancestors? Tell me who they are!


I am a professional genealogist, writer, photographer, wife, mother, and grandma. I have two books available on Your Family History: Doing It Right the First Time and Planning Your Genealogy Research Trip. You can also connect with me via Facebook or Twitter.

Now That Was a Surprise!

surprise 2When I first started my tree online I took some time and looked at how others organized theirs. I noticed that a lot of people capitalized the last name of a direct line ancestor and realizing that this is a great idea I started doing the same. It has made it easy to immediately identify a great or a great+ grandparent.

A couple of days ago I got a “leaf” on my 9 times Great Grandfather Jonathan Brewster. The hint wasn’t for my Jonathan but as I was looking over the timeline I have on him I noticed that 2 of his daughters had their last name capitalized. How in the world did I make that kind of mistake? I was almost positive that his daughter Grace was my 8 times Great Grandmother, so I forwarded through her line and indeed she is.

family tree 1I went back to the original page and began following her sister Hannah’s line. Odd, there were capitalized names going down her line also! Being the “sleuth” that I am I decided to follow this line as far as I could to see where it goes. Lo and behold, I didn’t have far to go.

I discovered that Hannah was also my 8 times Great Grandmother, but surprise, she was also my 8 times Great Aunt. That meant that Grace was also my 8 times Great Aunt.  I took a couple of minutes to let it sink in……. she’s my 8xG-Grandma…. she’s my 8xG-Aunt…they are both my 8xG-Grandmas AND 8xG-Aunts. Oh, the fun I had. Here is how this played out;

Grace m. Captain Daniel Wetherell      Hannah  m. Samuel Starr

Their daughter                                           Their son

Mary m. George Dennison                       Thomas m. Mary  Morgan

Their son                                                      Their daughter

Daniel Dennison m. his cousin Rachel Starr


This makes both Daniel and Rachel my 6 times Great Grandparents but they both are also my 1st Cousin 6 times removed!

This scenario reminds me of some bad jokes I have heard!

confused-smileyOut of curiosity I decided to randomly look for more of these types of anomalies in my trees. As of today, I have found 3 more “my Grandma is my Aunt” cases. The hunt continues!


Have you found any situations like this in your line?


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