Thursday at the Cemetery ~ Page Cemetery, Page City, Lafayette County, Missouri #4

pic TATCFour weeks ago, I wrote about how to honor our ancestors who do not have a headstone on their grave. This Cemetery is the one that prompted my query. This is an old, abandoned, neglected Cemetery in Missouri. As a matter of fact. the town no longer exists. It has been incorporated into a town a few miles away and all that is left of the original are farms and the Cemetery.



The last burial in this Cemetery was in 1925. There are only 23 graves there and of those, 19 are related to me. This is the last one in this series.


SONY DSCEugene Webb Page, my first cousin 4x removed, was born in April 1868. He is the only child born to William A. (1836-1902) and Margaret F. (Hillock) Page (1846-1868).  He died on December 8, 1868, in Page City at the age of 8 months.




Sophia Page dau Granville Page esqSophia R. Page, my first cousin 4x removed, was born May 1, 1879. She is the 8th and last child born to Granville R. (1816-1894) and Lucinda F. (Johnson) Page (1830-1925). She died on May 1, 1879, at the age of 8 years old.



thomas hunt page HSThomas Hunt Page, my first cousin 4x removed, was born September 4, 1854. He is the 11th of 13 children born to Joseph Henry (1813-1893) and Elizabeth (Couts) Page (1819-1906). He married Emma Taylor (1853-1921) on September 4, 1884, in Buchanan County, Missouri. They had 3 children 1 son, and 2 daughters. He was a farmer. He died on April 5. 1925 at the age of 72, He was the last person buried in the Page City Cemetery.


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