Here’s Your Sign #6 ~ Warner Hall Graveyard

For many years I have been collecting photos of and information about the various signs that have been placed in honor of some of my ancestors. These signs are a glimpse into some event and/or place where they lived. Some of the signs are small like a placard with a few poignant words, some are large, and they go into great detail, and then there are those that are somewhere in between. Each one gives added life to those ancestors.

Augustine Warner Cemetery SIgn


Augustine Warner, my 10x great-grandfather was born on September 28, 1611, in Norwich, Norfolk, England. He arrived in Gloucester County, Virginia in 1635 at the age of 17, one of a group of 34 settlers brought in by Captain Adam Thoroughgood. He acquired 250 acres of land about 7 years later. He found success as a merchant, landowner/planter, and politician, by 1652 he rose to become a member of the House of Burgesses. In 1659 he was made a member of the King’s Council, a position he held until his death. In 1657 he moved near the York River where he settled and built the first house at Warner Hall. He is buried in the Warner Hall Graveyard. The following is the inscription on his tomb.

Warner Hall

Augustine Warner Deceased

ye 24th of December 1674,

Aged 63 Yeares 2 Mth 26D”

To dead whilest most men live he canot dy

His name will live fresh in their memory

True worth is highly shown in liveing well

When future ages of his praise shall tell

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