Thursday at the Cemetery ~ When There is No Stone

pic TATCWorking on this blog I search through my ancestors looking at where they are buried and then searching for their headstones on Find-A-Grave. In the last couple of weeks, I realized that there are a great many where the place of burial is known but there is no stone for them. I have also come across a few that were buried somewhere on the family farm, but the location is not known.


I have been racking my brain as to how I can include them in myNo stone grave “Thursday at the Cemetery” series so they too may be honored and remembered. I know some of them to have photos I could use instead of a headstone, but most do not. I try to write a small biography about the person I am listing.  Perhaps I could write a more detailed one for those who have no photo to include?


cross on farmI also had a thought about those who are buried on farms or other places that have no headstone nor location for the grave. I could possibly look up the location of the farm by either land deed or the co-ordinates of the property and maybe find a current photo of where it is located. If not maybe a map of the area with the farm highlighted. Again, the biography could be a little longer than usual to compensate for the lack of a headstone.


Have you ever done anything like this? If so, how did it work out? I am open to any and all suggestions or ideas. Thanks in advance!


I am a professional genealogist, writer, photographer, wife, mother, and grandma. I have two books available on Your Family History: Doing It Right the First Time and Planning Your Genealogy Research Trip. You can also connect with me via Facebook or Twitter.

8 thoughts on “Thursday at the Cemetery ~ When There is No Stone

    1. Thank you Jude! I have several ancestors who were buried in Central Mo and their graves were covered up by the Air Force for their expansion of the base. A few stones were put in another cemetery but most were just hauled off!

  1. I have been hoping to locate some graves like that, buried on a homestead, but I gather there are no markers and the current property owners have no idea the burials are even there. I think it might be a problem in my case to try to show their general location, because it’s high-profile real estate now.

    I know some people put “burial unknown” memorials on FAG. That’s probably the best route. It puts the information out there and if anyone knows more, they can contribute.

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