Thursday at the Cemetery ~ High Point Cemetery ~ Hughesville, Pettis Co, MO Part 2

pic TATCI just completed a 4-week look at a cemetery in Lexington, MO where many of my ancestors are buried. I decided I would do the same with High Point Cemetery because, once again, I have a multitude of relatives buried here. High Point Cemetery was established in 1870.Hugh Point Cem sign This plot of land was organized as the First Old School Presbyterian Church in Pettis County in 1856 the congregation built a 60’x40’ brick church on this site. It cost between 4 & 5,000 dollars to build. The church was divided by the civil war and the building was demolished in 1877. All that is left of the building is the cement foundation. The cemetery surrounds the foundation.

Hugh Point Cem

 For the next few weeks, I will be highlighting a few of my ancestor’s headstone and give a little biography about each one.



Roy Lee Hughes, my 1st cousin once removed, was born on July 18, 1891, in Malta Bend, Missouri. He was the 5th child born to Henry Siegel (1862-1919) and Myrtle Stella (Joslin) (1864-1934) Hughes. Roy had 4 brothers and 6 sisters. He served in the Army during WWI. After returning home he married Sallie Sarah Anthony (1894-1972) on October 8, 1921, in Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO. They had 4 sons and 5 daughters. He worked as a laborer on the Railroads in 1920 and by 1930 he owned his own farm. In 1940 Roy was working at the local Rock Quarry as a rock breaker. Roy died at the age of 76 on September 24, 1968, in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO at the Veterans Hospital, and was buried with his ancestors in High Point Cemetery.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASallie Sarah Anthony, my 1st cousin’s wife, was born on August 15, 1894 in Morgan Co., MO to Wallace and Mary (Stephenson) Anthony. They had a total of 9 children. Sallie died on July 14, 1972 at the age of 79. She and Roy had been married for 46 years.



Lee Roy Hughes, my 2nd cousin, was born on March 19, 1928, in Houstonia, Pettis Co., MO. He was the 3rd child of 11 born to Roy Lee and Salle Sarah (Anthony) Hughes. He had 3 brothers and 5 sisters. He married Mildred Allene Goolder on April 24, 1946, in Sedalia, Missouri. He then married Doris Blystone on May 25, 1953, in Sedalia, Missouri. He then married Donna Mae Gully on August 28, 1960, in Jackson County, MO. He enlisted in the Army on May 27, 1948, and was released from duty on April 28, 1952. He served as a Corporal during the Korean War. No records have been found concerning children being born during any of his marriages. Lee died on June 3, 2010, at the Veterans Hospital in Kansas City, MO. He was 82 years old.


walter Hughes HS

Walter Wesley Hughes, my 2nd cousin was born on August 27, 1924, in Houstonia, Pettis Co., MO. He was the 2nd child of 11 born to Roy Lee and Salle Sarah (Anthony) Hughes. He had 3 brothers and 5 sisters. Walter died at the young age of 16 on October 4, 1840. On September 13 Walter fell from a moving tractor while in the fields. He broke his left arm at the elbow and received a deep cut on the upper part of the arm. Two weeks later he was admitted to the hospital in Marshall, MO. because the cut had become infected. He died one week later from “blood poisoning”.


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