Hometown Tuesday ~ Murderkill, Kent County, Delaware

hometown tuesdayMurderkill, Delaware is a beautiful place regardless of the name. When the first Dutch explorers first arrived in the region in 1629 they were amazed at what they found. There were great numbers of waterfowl and wild turkeys. Bears and deer were numerous so there was no shortage of meat. The soil here was naturally stronger than other locations and it produced quality grains in abundance. They quickly purchased the land from the Siconese Indians who lived in this area. Previously there had been a few settlers in this area but they were killed by the Indians.

According to “Names on the Land A Historical Account of Place names in theMurderkill map United States,” here is how the Murderkill got its name… remembering how the previous settlers had been treated at the settlement when they landed and traded with the Indians, they were determined to trust the Indians to come onto their stores ashore, and likewise aboard their sloop to imbibe in drinking and debauchery. They did this with the Indians until they were at last barbarously murdered, and so that place was christened with their blood and to this day is called the Murder-Kill, that is, Murderer’s Creek.”

County Donegal mapIn 1702 my 6x Great Grandfather, William Dill, who was born in 1701 in Correy Ballynastocker, Fannet, Donegal Co., Ireland arrived in Murderkill with his widowed father John Dill. Within a year his father married Sarah Linscott and they had 5 children, 4 sons, and 1 daughter. In 1722 William married Mary Early (1705-1782) and they had 6 sons and 3 daughters. William, along with his two younger brothers Abner and John Jr. were planters. William died on December 27, 1760.



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