Thursday at the Cemetery ~ High Point Cemetery ~ Hughesville, Pettis Co, MO Part 1

pic TATCI just completed a 4-week look at a cemetery in Lexington, MO where many of my ancestors are buried. I decided I would do the same with High Point Cemetery because, once again, I have a multitude of relatives buried here. High Point Cemetery was established in 1870. This plot of land was organized as the Hugh Point Cem signFirst Old School Presbyterian Church in Pettis County in 1856 when the congregation built a 60’x40’ brick church on this site. It cost between 4 & 5,000 dollars to build. The church was divided by the civil war and the building was demolished in 1877. All that is left of the building is the cement foundation. The cemetery surrounds the foundation.

Hugh Point Cem

 For the next few weeks, I will be highlighting a few of my ancestor’s headstones that are found in High Point Cemetery, and give a little biography about each one.


Charley Hughes was born on December 20. 1868, in Henry, Benton County, Missouri. We are not sure of the year in which he was born because his Headstone says he was born in 1868, his death certificate says 1865, his daughter Margaret’s written genealogy says 1864, a page from the Hughes Family Bible says 1861 and my baby book family tree says he was born in 1867. Charley first married Clara Braden (1880-1903) on March 25, 1900, and they had a daughter and a son. After Clara died, he married Virginia Belle Hayes on January 28, 1904. They had 9 children, 5 sons, and 4 daughters. Charley was a farmer and a horse trainer. He raised prize-winning horses. He passed away on October 11, 1844.

Charley and Virginia Hughes HS

Virginia Belle Hayes was born March 18, 1880, in Pleasant Hill. Cass County, Missouri. She was the oldest of 9 children. She married Charley Hughes on January 28, 1904, in Cole Camp, Missouri. She took great care of her widowed husbands’ 2 children while going on to have 9 of her own. Two of her youngest boys died within a year of their birth. She outlived Charley by 7 years passing away on December 15, 1951.


 Henry Siegel Hughes was born on July 22, 1862, in Windsor, Henry County, Missouri. He is one of Charley Hughes’ older brothers. Henry married Myrta Stella Joslin (1864-1934) on March 5, 1882, in Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri. They had 11 children, 5 sons, and 6 daughters. In the 1900 Census, his family is living Jefferson, Monroe County, Missouri and he owned his own farm. By 1910 the family had moved to Hughesville, Pettis County. Henry died on September 9, 1919, in Sedalia.


Henry Sigal and Myrta Hughes 

Myrta Stella Joslin was born on July 3, 1864, in New York State. Her family moved to Burns, Michigan when she was 6 years old. When she was 16 years old her family moved to Sedalia, Pettis County, Missouri. Here she met and married Henry Hughes on March 5, 1882. They had 11 children in a span of 24 years. After the death of her husband in 1919 she continued to love in Sedalia until her death on April 30, 1934.


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