Sunday Salute ~ The Parrott Boys ~ Revolutionary War

Patriot picFrederick Parrott, my 4x Great Grandfather, was born in Bern, Switzerland in 1717 and died in 1798.  He arrived in Colonial Virginia in 1737. He married Barbara Edwards (1722-1780) and his first son, John was born and both events took place in Tom Brooks, Shenandoah Co, Virginia in 1740. Frederick and Barbara went on to have a total of 10 children, 3 daughters, and 7 sons. The last son was born in 1764.


The Revolutionary War started on April 19, 1775, and Frederick Sr joined the fight. One by one each one of his sons also signed up for service. The last son joined in 1781. Here is the list of sons and the information about their service.


John Parrott DAR

John Parrott (1740-1800) enlisted in the Revolutionary War for a three-year term on July 4, 1777, and served as a private in Colonel William Grayson’s Virginia Regiment. He would have been 37 at the time of his enlistment, comparatively old for a soldier in those days. His age probably accounts for why he did not enlist earlier when his brothers did. It was undoubtedly a sacrifice for him to serve, for he left a wife of 17 years and a large family behind. He only served 2 years of his 3-year commitment and he deserted his commission on August 12, 1779. He had to return home because his wife had died and he had to care for his children. John is my 3x Great Grandfather.

Henry Parrott (1742-1793) enlisted at the start of War and served under Captain John Tipton who was in charge of the Shenandoah Co., Virginia, militia during the Revolutionary War. He served for the entire length of the war engaging in many battles including the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780.

Jacob Parrott HS St John Luth Cem Singers Glen VA

Jacob Parrott (1744-1829) enlisted on March 4, 1776, serving under Captain John Tipton and was quickly promoted to ensign. On March 1, 1777, he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. He was dismissed from service on May 9, 1777. There is no reason given for the dismissal.


George Parrott (1746-1777)  enlisted at the start of the War in 1775 serving under Captain John Tipton. He participated in many battles including the Battle of Brandywine and the Battle of Paoli. On October 4, 1777, he fought in The Battle of Germantown. It was fought before dawn during a heavy fog, after marching all night to achieve the element of surprise, things did not go well for the Continentals. The Continentals lost 152 men that morning. Many soldiers were buried in mass graves, some were buried in local cemeteries. There is no known record of the disposition of George’s body. George was 31 years old and had never been married nor had any children.

Samuel Parrott hs

Samuel Parrott (1755-1843) enlisted on January1, 1781 to December of that same year. He served under Captain John Tipton. His rank was private.



Joseph Parrott (1760-1847) enlisted in December 1775 and served under Captain Jonathan Clark. In 1778 he was promoted to Lieutenant and Commissary. He was Joseph Parrott RW HSin the Battles Brandywine, Germantown and Yorktown. On December 25, 1777, he was appointed by General George Washington as a Purchasing Company to obtain provisions and clothing for the Army at Valley Forge, PA. He served until the end of the War.

Fredrick Parrott HS RW So Salem Cem, So Salem OH

Frederick Parrott Jr (1764-1842) enlisted in 1780 at the age of 17. He was called to serve at the Battle of Yorktown and witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis. He was a private. After the war, he served in the Virginia Militia as an Ensign starting in1786. His last commission was 1794. He also participated in the War of 1812.




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