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I realize that the farther back you can trace your family the more likely it is that there may be some freaky things that happen. Especially in early Colonial America where there weren’t thousands of people to intermingle with. I have found where I have 2 sisters who are both my 8x Great Grandmothers. They each married and had children and I descend from both lines. This is strange enough, but tonight I found something even more strange.

Jamestown 1607-map

John “Dods” Dodson immigrated to Jamestown Virginia in 1607. He married a woman named Jane and they had two sons. Jesse Dodson was born in 1623 in Jamestown, Virginia. The next year Benjamin Dodson was born. At the age of 22, Jesse married Judith Hagger on May 7, 1645. I have only found documentation for one child born to Jesse and Judith, a son named Charles Joseph born in 1649.

Benjamin married Anne Simms in 1647. They had 3 children, two sons, Peter and Francis, and a daughter named Anne born in 1651. As with most families of the time, all three families lived close to each other in the small city of Jamestown.

cousinsIn 1680 first cousins, Charles Joseph son of Jesse, and Anne, daughter of Benjamin got married. They went on to have 8 children. Their second son, Thomas is my 6x Great Grandfather. So here is the breakdown:


Charles and Anne are 1st cousins.

Anne is the niece and daughter-in-law of Jesse Dodson.

Charles is the nephew and son-in-law of Benjamin Dodson.

Their 8 children are 1st cousins as well as siblings.

Each of the children are both children and nieces/nephews to their parents.

There is no denying that this situation is indeed FREAKY! No matter how common it may have been in the mid-1600s.


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