Thursday at the Cemetery ~ Thomas Divine ~ Big Creek Cemetery, Monroe Co, TN

pic TATCThis week’s cemetery is the Big Creek Cemetery situated in the Southeast corner of Tennessee and is located in Big Creek, Monroe County, Tennessee. Altogether there are 14 Divine’s buried here including Thomas Divine who was the first of the family to come to America settling in Delaware in 1765.

Thomas Divine was born in Dublin, Ireland on February 21, 1748. He is one of my brick walls, so I don’t know anything about his life in Ireland. 10 years after his arrival the Revolutionary War began and Thomas joined with the Patriots in the fight against the British. He was wounded but he continued in the service until the end of the war. He then returned to Kent, Delaware.

Big Creek

By 1781 he had met Jemima Dill and they married April 12, 1782. They had a total of 10 children, 4 of whom died shortly after their Original hsbirth. By the end of 1785, Thomas moved his growing family to Spartanburg, South Carolina. All but two of their children were born here including my 3x Great Grandmother, Margaret “Peggy” Divine. In 1820 he once again moved his family, this time to Big Creek, Tennessee. In 1834 Thomas donated land so the Big Creek Baptist Church could build their Church and for the adjoining cemetery. He died on June 20, 1840.

Back of replica

Thoas Divine HS

As you can see from the first photo (above right) the cemetery is very open with not much of a barrier to block out wind and no trees to filter out the suns damaging rays. Thomas’ headstone was quite faded from years in the elements (above left). In 1973 this old stone was removed because it was deteriorating. A replica was put In its place in 2003. In 2006 the newest stone (below) was placed near the replica and it gives information about Thomas and Jemima on the front and the 4 children who were born in South Carolina on the back.

Front of newest stoneBig stone back



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