Freaky Friday’s ~ A Nice Memorial ~ #6

freaky-fridayAlexander William Douglass, my 4x Great Grandfather, immigrated to America from Scotland in 1775. He married Jane Moore and they had a total of 6 children, 4 sons, and 2 daughters. Their oldest daughter, Mary Polly Douglass married John Ogan and they had 9 children,  5 sons, and 3 daughters. Their second son was named William Benjamin Douglas Ogan. He was named William and Douglas after her Grandfather’s middle and last names. William married Jane Gibson Goodin and they had 12 children, 8 sons, and 4 daughters. Although they had named one son Benjamin and another son William Douglas, neither of these men passed the names on to their sons. However, one of their daughters, Martha Ann Ogan who married James Monroe Hughes, did name one of their sons William and the other one Benjamin Douglas. Martha and James had 11 children, 7 sons, and 4 daughters. One of those sons is my Grandfather, Charles Hughes.

Now that I have both confused and bored you with this jagged ancestral line I will tell the 6 hughes brothersstory of Benjamin Douglas Ogan. He was born on August 18, 1847, in Henry Co, MO. He was born blind and even though the doctor and the entire family suggested he be placed in a home for the blind, Martha refused. He was the second son born to James and Martha and with each child, after Benjamin, there was the fear of one of them being blind. Thankfully that did not happen. The children helped to watch over him, teaching him to “see” the world around him. (Photo: Benjamin is standing on the right)

When he was old enough to have a job, a man in town hired Benjamin to be a broom maker. He was taught how to do this and he learned quickly. He held this occupation for 48 years. His father passed away in 1876 and his mother took care of him alone for 39 years. He never married nor had any children of his own. He died on August 15, 1915, at the age of 64.

My Grandfather Charles loved his brother and had always been the closest of all his siblings to him. Charles and his wife Virginia had 2 children from his previous marriage and 5 children together before my Dad was born. He was born on August 15, 1915, the same day his uncle died. Charles and Virginia named their son Benjamin Douglas in honor of Charles’ beloved brother.


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