Thursday at the Cemetery ~ Ray Co. Missouri ~ Lucy Reavis

pic TATCIt is always shameful when you find a cemetery in a run-down condition. You would hope that relatives, no matter what the relationship, would want to honor those who have passed on by taking care of the gravesite. It is a disgrace that we have all become so busy with the here and now that we forget those who made it possible for us to be here.

I guess to be fair I only have a deceased husband and a Grandson buried here in Arizona, so taking care of their graves is not an overwhelming task. My mother, sister, and oldest son were cremated and the ashes were scattered, so there is no upkeep there. I do believe if I was blessed enough to have other families buried here I would at least visit their site once every year or two.

Now to get off my soapbox and get on with Lucy (Reavis) McGowan’s burial place andSunshine Cemetery 2 headstone. Lucy is my 2x Great Grandmother. She was born in 1836 in Cole County, Missouri, the daughter of David and Sarah Myra (Allen) Reavis. Her family moved to Camden, Ray Co, MO in 1847. Lucy met and married James D. McGowan around 1856 when she was 21 years old. Over the next 20 years, they had a total of 8 children, 3 daughters, and 5 sons. Lucy died on December 27, 1878, at the age of 42. She is buried in the Sunshine Cemetery in Richmond, MO. This Cemetery was made for the Pioneers of the Sunshine Community.

Lucy Reavis Sunshine Cemetery Ray County MOAs you can see from the photo of her headstone it has been broken into many pieces and the bottom part is missing. It was found laying on the ground under a tree so it is not clear if this is her plot or if it was moved there. We may never know.



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