So Far Away ~ The Family of John Page ~ #52Ancestors Week #5

map of england 1660Most of my Ancestors originated in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Germany, and Switzerland, with the majority coming from England. Although Switzerland is much farther away, this particular maternal line goes the farthest back. I am starting with this Ancestor as he was the first in this family to come to America. His line goes back to 1492.


John Page was born in Bedfont, Middlesex, England on December 26, 1625. He was born John Pageinto a prominent English family and he had served on the Kings Council. In 1653 the Page’s boarded a ship bound for America and the Virginia Colony. Upon arrival, he and his family settled in the New Towne section at Jamestown. In 1655, John moved to York County VA and became a merchant. The next year he met and married Alice Luckin. John and Alice had 3 children. Francis was born in 1657 in Williamsburg Virginia. He married Mary Diggs about 1682 and they had only one child, a girl, who was married but died without having any children. Francis died on May 10, 1692. Mary was born in 1658 and married Walter Chiles Jr, the son of Colonel Walter Chiles of the Virginia Governors Council. Matthew was the second son born in 1659. He married Mary Mann in 1689 and they had 4 children, 3 of whom died when infants, the only surviving child was Mann Page.

John Page was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses starting in 1665. He generously donated the land and 20 pounds for the first brick Bruton Parish Church which was completed in 1683 and was located immediately adjacent to the site of the present larger restored structure. He also played a pivotal role in supporting the efforts of Reverend Doctor James Blair in the founding of the College of William and Mary in 1693.  John died on January 23, 1692.

John’s son Matthew married Mary Mann and they had a son named Mann Page in 1691, Mann married Judith Carter and they had a son they named Mann Jr. Mann was a good friend of Thomas Jefferson. They shared a room at college and stayed close until Mann died in 1799. Tradition says that the Declaration of Independence was drafted in Mann Page’s house by Thomas Jefferson before he went to Philadelphia. The following is one of the many letters between Mann and Jefferson that was found here: Mann Page to Thomas Jefferson, July 3. -07-03, 1795. Manuscript/Mixed Material. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.



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