52 Ancestors #7 -For the Love of his wife –John Parrott

Parrottsville TnMy 3rd Great Grandfather, John Parrott was born in 1740 in Toms Brook, Shenandoah, Virginia to Frederick and Barbara (Edwards) Parrott. He was the oldest of 11 children. In 1761 he married Catherine Meyers. He and Catherine had seven children. In 1769 they moved their family to Tennessee where he founded the town of Parrottsville. (It is currently the third oldest town in that State)

When the Revolutionary War broke out all of his younger brothers joined the fight. It wasn’t until July 4 1777 that John enlisted as a private in Colonel William Grayson’s Virginia Regiment. He would have been 37 at the time of his enlistment, comparatively old for a soldier in those days. His age probably accounts for why he did not enlist earlier when his brothers did. It was undoubtedly a sacrifice for him to serve, for he left a wife of 17 years and a large family behind.

John’s regiment was one of sixteen organized by a congressional resolution in Congress in December 1777. Four of the sixteen units were composed largely of Virginians. John’s commander, William Grayson, had been assistant secretary and aide-de-camp to George Washington at the time he was put in command of his regiment. John was assigned to Captain Thomas Triplett’s company. By April 1779, the regiment, significantly reduced in size due to a smallpox epidemic, merged with Colonel Nathaniel Gist’s regiment, where John served under the command of Captain Joseph Smith.

The entire Parrott family was very Patriotic. That is why it was a shock that on August 19, 1779 John deserted his regiment after serving only 14 months of his three-year commitment. It was not uncommon during the Revolutionary War for soldiers to leave their troops for family emergencies. John deserted because the love of his life was gravely ill. He cared for Catherine until her death in 1781. Within a few months John married Louisa Bean. Together they had 5 children, the youngest one being Catherine my 3rd Great Grandmother. Catherine was named for John’s first wife.

John Parrott DAR

John Parrott HSAlthough John deserted his responsibility to the War he was still honored with a commemorative marker at his gravesite by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The marker that was placed there in 1783 still remains today. It is speculated that this was because he only deserted for the love of his wife and not because he didn’t believe in the cause.
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9 thoughts on “52 Ancestors #7 -For the Love of his wife –John Parrott

  1. We need a Love button instead of a Like button for these wonderful stories being shared this week. This story must be especially dear to you since he named his daughter, your 3rd great-grandmother, after his first dearly loved wife. And it has a lot to say for Louisa who must have agreed to naming her daughter after her husband’s first wife.

  2. I am related to Elizabeth Parrott, daughter of George Parrott and Nancy Fancher.
    I would like to get in touch with you.

  3. Hello. Thnk you for the story. I am descended from Henry Parrott & Barbara Meyers, through their daughter Elizabeth, who married John W. Taflinger.

  4. I am part of Frederick Parrott famly tree. I am his 4th Great daughter & I am 6th generation from Frederick Parrott. My father’s mother name is Julia Anne Parrott. Her parents names were Samuel Parrott & Lucinda Morgan English. I am descendant of Frederick Henry Parrott. Also I found Frederick’s Father. His name is Johnan Parrott & his D.O. B. 1683 & he was born Switzland.
    Linda Dougherty from Portland, Oregon.

  5. The way I find out about Frederick was through my older sister. She gave me the clue. It took me 25 years to trace my family histroy. I don’t know what different countries I have in me. Can you tell me what countries you have? I ordered a D.N.A. test to see if am part Cherokee Indian or not. In the Frederick Parrott famliy tree, Like on my family tree is there any Cherokee Indian? I would like to know.

    1. I have found no evidence that there is any Cherokee Indian in the Parrott family. I keep searching though because I was always told that we did have some. One of the problems is on documents back in those days they only had to races to choose from, white or black, All Indians and Mexicans were classified as white! Frederick was born in Bern, Canton, Switzerland and lived in France before moving to America, Let me know the results of the DNA test, I would be interested in knowing also.

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