52 Ancestors-Week 6 – Thomas Garnett – So Far Away


When I first saw the title for this week’s blog I thought of many ways to write about “So Far Away.” I chose far away in time because over 400 years is really “far away” from today.


This particular Ancestor, Thomas Garnett came to America in 1609 aboard the “Swan” a ship that was in the fleet that brought Lord Delaware to the Virginia colony of Jamestown. He came as an “indentured servant” to one Captain William Powell.  Thomas Garnett is my maternal 9th Grandfather. The interesting part is that Captain William Powell is my paternal 9th Grandfather.  Thomas worked for 10 years to pay off his debt. Once he did this, he married Elizabeth Powell (no relation to William) who was among the very first women to arrive in the colony. Previously the settlers had almost all been men. In 1619 a boat load of young women arrived to become wives of the lonely settlers. Each settler gave the London Company 120 pounds of tobacco in payment for his wife’s passage. Thomas was given some land and tobacco at the time he was released from servant hood.


William Powell was made Captain of the Governor’s Guard and Lieutenant Governor. He was also a representative in the First Assembly of Virginia. William was also a drunk and a thief. When Thomas Garnett accused him of these things Powell had Thomas publically flogged every day for 4 days and his ear nailed to the pillory.

In 1623, William Powell was killed by Indians when he led a raid against the Chickahominy tribe. Thomas Garnett went on to become a man of wealth and prestige.

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12 thoughts on “52 Ancestors-Week 6 – Thomas Garnett – So Far Away

    1. He was granted 200 acres of land for paying to transport 4 persons to the Colony. He had been given 300 pounds of tobacco when he finished his “Identure”. 120 went to buy his wife and he sold the rest. He planted tobacco on his land and it was very successful. He also sold 50 acres of his land to John Foster for 3500 pounds of tobacco, which he sold and bought more land. It turns out that he was a great businessman.

  1. Thomas Garnett is my maternal 10th great-grandfather. I was surprised to see he is not listed as a qualifying ancestor on the Jamestowne Society website. I have found more documentation about Thomas Garnett than many of the “confirmed” ancestors they have on their site.

  2. Thank you for this information on Thomas Garnett – he is my 9GG as well! I also am confused about him not being recognized by the Jamestown Society. I will definitely be following you as I like your thoughts, topics, and style!

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