Charley Hughes, Can You Please Speak Up!

Charley & Virginia (Hayes) Hughes
Charley & Virginia (Hayes) Hughes

I really wish I could have gotten to know my 4 Grandparents. I only met one, my maternal Grandfather and at the time he was already 79 years old and I was 7. He died 6 years later however I did get to spend a few months in the same town as him before he passed. All three of the other Grandparents died long before I was born.  It is odd that although I am in my 50’s my parents’ parents were born over 130 years ago.  My maternal Grandfather was born in 1882 and my maternal Grandmother was born in 1888. My paternal Grandmother was born in 1880 and my paternal Grandfather was born in…well here is where the mystery lies.

Charley Hughes Bible

Charley Hughes was born in 1861, 1864, 1865, 1867 or 1868. I have a page from the Hughes family Bible that lists his birth year as 1861. All the other dates on this page are correct so; do I assume this one is also?  I had Charley Hughes DCasked my Aunt shortly before she died for any Genealogy information she had. She wrote down her parents’ information and she gave her father’s birth date as 1864.  According to Charley’s State of Missouri issued death certificate it states his birth year as 1865. My Dad filled out the small family tree in my baby book and he lists the year as 1867 and lastCharley Hughes Headstone but not least on Charley’s Headstone the year is listed as 1868.

I have searched all the databases for any information on Charleys’ birth records or certificate and have come up empty handed. I even made a Genealogy Research trip from Arizona to Missouri to try to locate the correct date with no luck. If there wasn’t a 7 year gap in the dates it may not matter so much. You see I have been trying to prove that my Grandpa Charley had been married three times instead of the two we know of. My reasoning for this is his age when he married the first known wife. He married Clara Braden in 1900. Charley would have been between the ages of 32 and 39. After Clara died it only took him a few months before he married my Grandmother Virginia Belle Hayes. I know that most men in this era married by the time they are 20 so it is very possible that he did indeed have a “first” first wife.

Charley & Miranda MLA very nice genealogist who lives in Missouri helped me search for a first wife and she did find one record that was promising but I have not been able to prove or disprove it. So until I can find a more accurate date of birth or until he can speak to me from his grave I will just have to keep hoping that I will eventually unravel the mystery of Charley’s birth year.

By the way, I have found him in the Census records but again the ages are different.

If anyone has any hints, ideas or suggestions as to other places that I could search I would appreciate hearing from you!

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