I Received A Very Nice Surprise – “One Lovely Blog Award”

one-lovely-blog-award_thumbI received a very nice surprise a couple of days ago. I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by Jana Last who writes an incredible Blog

Janas Genealogy and Family History

Thank you Jana!

Here are the rules for this award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to that blog
  2. Share Seven things about yourself
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire (or as many as you can think of!)
  4. Contact your bloggers to let them know that you’ve tagged them for the One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Jana! I am so honored that you included me in your list of nominees.

Seven Things About Me

  1. I am the last surviving person of my immediate family.
  2. I was given the middle name of “Jane”. It is a family tradition on my mother’s side to give this name to one daughter. The tradition goes back to my 3x Great Grandmother. As a result I named my daughter Jerusha Jane!
  3. My paternal Grandfather, Charley Hughes was born in 1867, 147 years ago!
  4. I was born in Lexington Missouri and my parents moved us to Tucson Arizona when I was 11 months old. I have lived in 7 different States throughout my lifetime but I always end up back in Arizona.
  5. I have had many jobs throughout my life but the one I enjoyed the most was counseling women.
  6. In school I played the clarinet but when I turned 30 I learned to play the drums and have played in a music group and for worship services in several churches.
  7. I have 3 grown children and 9 grandchildren. They are the reason I became a Genealogist.

15 Bloggers I Admire
This is a hard one. There are too many awesome blogs out there that it is difficult to choose only 15.
Here’s my list (in no particular order):

  1. The Ancestor Hunt By Kenneth Marks
  2. Treasure Chest Of Memories by Laura Hedgecock
  3. Rooted In Foods by Niki Davis
  4. Sassy genealogist by Carla Love Maitland
  5. Living In The Past by Elise Wormuth
  6. The Family History Rogue by Marylene Goulet
  7. Relative Musings by BB Petura
  8. 3 Houses by Bernice L. Rocque
  9. Keeping Grandma Alive…and all the others, too by Nancy H. Vest
  10. Voices Inside My Head by Bernita Allen
  11. Confuse The Dead by Laurie Desmarais
  12. Tracings by SAM by Susan
  13. Genealogy Circle by Cindy Freed
  14. Roots, Branches, and a Few Nuts by Bev McGowan Norman
  15. Carolina Girl Genealogy by Cheri Hudson Passey

Contact Bloggers 
I will be contacting the fifteen bloggers on my list, unless they see this post and contact me first.

Thanks again Jana for nominating my blog for the “One Lovely Blog Award!”

I am a professional genealogist, writer, photographer, crafter, reader, wife, mother, and grandma. I have two books available on Amazon.com: Your Family History: Doing It Right the First Time and Planning Your Genealogy Research Trip. You can also connect with me via Facebook or Twitter.

10 thoughts on “I Received A Very Nice Surprise – “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Valerie,
    Thank you for the nomination. I am honored, humbled and grateful to be included with so many wonderful bloggers. Thank you for introducing me to them! I enjoyed learning seven things about you. I also enjoy reading your blog.

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