Richard Fountain “Fount” Page

SONY DSCRichard Fountain “Fount” Page was born in Warren County, Kentucky in 1815. He came with his father and siblings to Lafayette County, Missouri in1827. They traveled the whole distance in wagons, which contained all their worldly possessions. Once they arrived in Long Grove Settlement they lived in their wagons until they succeeded in erecting some cabins sufficient for their protection. Long Grove was an area south of current day Page City. Here they lived the life of pioneers to the fullest sense of the word. Richards’ mother, Sarah “Sallie” Ennis was the first death to occur in the Settlement in 1831. She was buried in the Page Family burial ground which eventually became the Page City Cemetery.

Game was plentiful and they hunted bears, panthers, catamount and elk. There was also “wolves by the acre”. The weapon used at the time was an old-fashioned flint-lock rifle. It was customary that on the 4th of July the men of the Settlement would organize a grand hunt. Afterwards they would use the meat and have a big barbeque which included the entire town.

On April 5, 1834, Richard married Margaret Richey at the Lafayette Courthouse, the ceremony was performed by Duke Young. mo-lafayette-county-1904-mapThe young newlyweds moved into a newly built home in Washington Township, Johnson County, Missouri. Within a year they welcomed the first of the 9 children they eventually had. From 1837 to 1843 Richard bought 330 acres of land in Johnson County. There he grew corn, hemp, and a variety of vegetables. It is not known if he sold his property here but in 1845 he moved his family to Lafayette County to where the town of Page City is now situated and he bought 170 acres there. By 1850 they had built a very respectable farm. In the census it states that their entire belongings totaled $10,000, quite a large sum for this time.

Richard died on May 14, 1852 at the age of 37 years, 3 months and 2 days. He is buried near his mother in the Page City Cemetery.

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