George W. Hayes Became a Civil War Officer Without Enlisting

George W. Hayes

George W. Hayes was born in 1817 in Burke, North Carolina. He was the middle child of 7 born to Thomas Hayes and Sarah Rucker Hayes. He married Elizabeth Coffey (b. 1821 in Tennessee and d. August 30, 1883, in Pleasant Hill, Cass, Missouri) on February 20, 1845, in Grainger Co. Tennessee. They were blessed with 6 children. George was a farmer and he owned large amounts of property in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Missouri. In 1862 North Carolina drew upon what resources were available to fight the War and many responsible citizens with no military experience were given commissions based on their prominence and promise to raise volunteer regiments and companies. George W Hayes was made Captain of Company A in General Samuel B. Spruill’s cavalry regiment. He got this honor for supplying food to the regiments and for recruiting others for service. His company was called the Cherokee Rangers. After the war, George and Elizabeth moved their family to Pleasant Hill, MO where he died in 1898 at the ripe old age of 81. He is buried in Union Baptist Cemetery in Pleasant Hill, Cass, Missouri.

One thought on “George W. Hayes Became a Civil War Officer Without Enlisting

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