Edward Coffey – Irish Immigrant – Indentured Servant




Edward Coffey was born in 1676 in Ireland. Edward Coffey was likely transported to America during the Williamite Confiscation (Following Battle Of Boyne) by Edward Mosely around 1690 as an Indentured Servant. Between one-half and two-thirds of white immigrants to the American colonies between the 1630’s and American Revolution had come under indentures. Indenture lasted usually between 3-10 years. They were basically slaves and were treated as such.

He married Ann Powell in 1699 in Essex County VA. In the will of Edward Mosely, dated January 6, 1699 in which he gives to his “servant Ed. Coffey one heifer of 2 years old.” The will was proved in Essex Co., VA April 16, 1700 and on September 10 of that year Edward Coffey received a judgment from the Mosely estate for his freedom, one bushel of corn, and some clothes.

Edward and Ann Coffey moved to St. Ann’s Parish, Essex County, VA. They purchased 418 acres of land along the branches of Occupation Creek. Here they grew Sweet Scented Tobacco.

He died at the age of 40 in November 1716 in Essex County, Virginia, USA. He and Ann had 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls.

6 thoughts on “Edward Coffey – Irish Immigrant – Indentured Servant

  1. I just recently learned about Irish immigrants being indentured servants and how they were treated. Your story about Edward was very interesting. Thank you for sharing his story.

      1. Valerie, just found this site.. enjoying it.. where to subscribe, and where can I find the “Edward Coffey-Irish-Indentured Servant’ thanks

  2. How can I find the picture perfect facebook you are making? What realitive is Edward Coffey to you? I enjoyed your article about him.

    1. Hello Cousin! Edward Coffey is my 6th Great Grandfather. My GG Grandmother was Elizabeth Coffey who married George W. Hayes. I don’t have a picture perfect Facebook page. I am making a page for my Hughes/Hayes family with all of the information I have found while doing genealogy. I write a weekly blog called “Picture Perfect Saturday” and I am using the photos I find while making the Facebook page. I hope this made sense LOL. Which Coffey line do you descend from?

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