The Accidental Genealogist Challenge for March 4th – Charley Hughes’ Marriages

Today’s challenge is to write a post about where your Grandparents were married and when, using their marriage license as a guide and if I have a photo to post that too.

My paternal Grandfather Charley Hughes was married twice, that I am sure of.  He was born either in 1864, 1865, 1867 or 1868. There are documents to verify all 4 dates so as of now I am unsure of the exact date. He first married Clara Hazel Braden on 20 March 1900 in Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri. The marriage was officiated by J.G. Franklin the minister of Shiloh Church in Warsaw. Charley was between 32 and 36 years old and Clara was 19 years old. They quickly had 2 children and Clara died in childbirth having the second child in 1903.

He then married my Grandmother, Virginia (Jennie) Belle Hayes on 28 January 1904 in Cole Camp, Benton County, Missouri. The wedding was performed by A.B. Breedlove, Minister of the Gospel at the Ministers residence. Charley (aged 36-40) and Jennie (aged 23) went on to have 9 children and they were married for 40 years when my Grandfather died in 1944.

I was not raised around my family so unfortunately I do not have any stories about their marriages. I do however have a picture of Charley and Jennie on their wedding day.


2 thoughts on “The Accidental Genealogist Challenge for March 4th – Charley Hughes’ Marriages

  1. Valerie – Isn’t it interesting all the variables on your grandfather’s age? Before I really got into genealogy research I thought all records were accurate and well kept. Boy did I learn different! LOL! I enjoyed reading this post about your grandparents. Good luck in your research!

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