The Good, The Bad and The Ugly



There is “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” in every Family Tree. There are some Ancestors that will bring a sense of pride to you. There are some who have done things we really would prefer that others do not know about. The there are things such a slavery, just to name one situation, that can be downright ugly. All of these things however are a part of our past and of who we ultimately are. We cannot change the past and we shouldn’t want to. I came to realize that no matter what happened in the past it wasn’t me doing them. Some things I have found in my lineage I would never condone, but I did not do them and they are a part of my history, so I will include them in my Family Tree. What we are striving for in creating our Family History Tree is accurate, factual information about those who came before us. So, all things, good, bad or ugly need to be included.

Excerpt from my book: Your Family History: Doing It Right The First Time

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