Geographical Mapping of Ancestors


While researching one of my 17th Century Ancestors I realized that he and his family moved to the same area in Missouri as some of my other Ancestors had. Following them up and down the line I could see where they intersected and even had some marriages. It was then that I realized that one thing my trees were lacking was a geographical outline.

I proceeded to make a list, by State, of my Ancestors including where they were born, married, moved to, lived and died. I then transferred this information to a map and at a glance I could see their lives unfold before me. It was quite illuminating. When I placed my Hughes/Hayes side of the family beside the Smith/McGowan side I saw that in several places they had dwelled close together. I even saw that they also fought side by side in the Revolutionary War.

By doing a Geographical Map I have been able to bring them all to life, seeing their comings and goings, their travels and there homesteads. If you have not made one I would suggest that you do. Yes it is times consuming and at times frustrating but the outcome is more than worth it!

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