Digging Deeper

It always amazes me when I “stumble on” a gold mine of information on an Ancestor I had given up on.  I took the challenge to write everyday for 28 days and as part of this process I wanted to write, in story form, about the life of my 3rd Great Grandfather, John Ogan. When I pulled up my tree I started looking down the timeline and I saw that I did not have the 1820 Census for him. So began my search. I could not find this particular year’s Census with his name anywhere. I then noticed that he had lived in Kentucky in 1810 and he was living in Boone County Missouri in 1830. Sometime I that 20 year span he had moved, but when?

I decided to do a search for the History of Boone County. I knew that Missouri was a Territory until about 1923 so if he was not showing up in any Census he might have moved here before 1820 as they did not do a Census here in that year. I hit pay dirt when I googled the County. Not only did it tell me that he, his wife, his 7 children and his wife’s brother all moved to Boone County, Missouri Territory in 1818 but it gave me information about where he lived, about which crops he planted, and that he had served several times on the Grand Jury for the County.

I am now motivated to go back through my many trees and dig deeper. I know we will never come to a place where we will say “I’m finished, there is no more information for me to find.” Bottom line is we should never give up the search.

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